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Your data can tell you everything you need to know about your next big project. The key is knowing how to visualize, manage, and then act on data that can lead to big wins for your organization.

Managed PostgreSQL and PostGIS Databases

Let us be your "in-house" experts

PostgreSQL is one of the most powerful relational database management systems available. With the right expertise, it can be designed to be the nucleus of your organization’s data operations. PostgreSQL can serve many purposes: a data warehouse, a geospatial analysis platform (when combined with PostGIS), and a secure user management system and API backend for web applications.

Many companies and hosting options offer some type of self-service PostgresSQL/PostGIS installations; however, if you don’t have the in-house resources to optimize and securely administer your PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases those self-service systems don’t do much beyond getting you started.

The experts at CartoLab have been working with PostgreSQL and PostGIS for nearly 15 years. We can help you do things like:

  • Model your data and design a database for spatial and non-spatial data
  • Secure your data with database access controls as well as advanced techniques like Row Level Security
  • Optimize database configurations for heavy analysis operations.
  • Write advanced SQL queries, custom functions and procedures
  • Audit your database

Automated Data Pipelines

Set it and forget it

If you work with data from multiple sources, or your data needs to be updated or tracked over time, then you owe it to yourself to consider automating those data update and conversion tasks. Even the best vision can turn to chaos if your data management processes aren’t in order.

 We are experts at developing automated ETL (extract-transform-load) pipelines that can turn your data updates into a simple task rather than a nightmare. We build tools that help you consolidate your data inputs and extract what you need so your organization can execute a successful data-driven strategy.

The data experts at CartoLab can help you:

  • Convert data from various formats and extensions to enable seamless data interoperability across your organization.
  • Create custom pipelines to consolidate data from multiple sources to paint a clear picture of what your data are telling you.
  • Automate updates for data that changes frequently or needs to be tracked over time.

Cloud Services

The cloud made easy

The most innovative enterprises today don’t limit themselves to physical, in-house hardware. Instead, these forward-thinking brands take advantage of cloud-based services that give them the ability to manage data securely, collaborate on projects, and scale services in real-time.

For example, cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean provide solutions you can use to build secure, scalable services and applications. No matter your preferred platform, the experts at CartoLab can help you get the most out of cloud-based solutions based upon your unique project needs, scope, and budget.

Not sure where to start? We offer FREE evaluations for most small and medium-sized businesses and organizations, and can provide comprehensive needs assessments for organizations interested in moving their data and applications to the cloud. Simply click the link below to find out more.

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