Geospatial Services

We can create embeddable web maps and leverage location data to build user-friendly systems that are practical and straightforward—no PhD required.

Web Maps

Attractive and interactive maps

We are experts at building performant and attractive interactive maps. Whether you need a one-off map to embed in a website or a full-fledged application built around map visualizations, CartoLab has you covered.

Our experts have been building web maps for nearly 15 years, and we can help you:

  • Improve the performance of your existing web maps
  • Implement advanced search and filtering capabilities
  • Classify and display data in meaningful ways
  • and many more!

Spatial Analysis and Location Intelligence

Most of our team has a background in Geographic Information Systems and spatial analysis. We also have real-world experience helping companies and organizations use location data to make better decisions.

 Some examples of our work include:

  • Site suitability analysis for commercial and residential real estate development
  • Trade area and market gap analysis for businesses
  • Enhancing location data with 3rd party datasets like census demographics, real estate sales, and other datasets
  • Optimize debris removal operations and documentation after natural disasters like hurricanes
  • Watershed hydrology and pollution analysis


Production maps for print and marketing

Whether you’re creating maps for print materials or for the web, good design principles matter. Color schemes, fonts, symbol choices and label placement are just a few of the factors that can determine whether a map is successful. Maps can be a critical component of a brand’s marketing, so it’s important for the maps you use to fit the aesthetic and tone of the rest of your content.

Whether you’re looking for a map design for a web application, an apparel product, or for print, the experts at CartoLab have you covered. From custom vintage styles to futuristic maps and everything in between, turn to the CartoLab for your map designs!

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